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How to Screenshot on an Asus Laptop in 3 Easy Steps



As the owner of an Asus laptop taking screenshots is a vital ability to have within your toolkit of digital tools. If you have to relay an error message to technical support, highlight a unique web feature to share with someone else, or even save an image of your top score from your favorite game learning How to Screenshot on Asus Laptop can be very beneficial. The good news is that the process is easy and simple by using a keyboard shortcut. In just a few minutes you’ll be able take a snapshot of what’s visible on your screen. afterwards, take a screenshot of it to save it, or email the image. Continue reading to learn the steps to create a professional-looking image using you Asus laptop.

how to screenshot on asus laptop

Taking a screenshot on your ASUS laptop can be a great way to capture important information or share something with friends and family. There are several ways of doing this, depending on the type of ASUS laptop you have. This guide will explain the steps required to take a screenshot on your ASUS laptop so you can easily capture images from any part of your screen. We will also discuss how to save the screenshots and share them for others to see.

Using the Print Screen Button

To take a picture to Your Asus laptop, there are several alternatives. The most straightforward method is to use Screen Print Screen button.

Find the Print Screen icon on the Asus notebook’s keyboard. It could be identified by “PrtScn,” “Print Scrn,” or something similar.

Start the screen or window you wish to capture. Be sure that the information you’d like to record is clearly visible and aligned in the monitor.

Click and then release the button to print the Screen button. The screen will be taken from your whole screen. You can then copy the image onto the clipboard of your computer.

Open a new file in an image editing program such as Microsoft Paint or GIMP. It is also possible to open an email message that has been sent or a Word document.

Use “Ctrl+V” or “Paste” to copy the screenshot into the document you created. The screenshot will save as an image you can edit, view and share, or print.

(Optional) Make use of Image editing tools to edit, crop or highlight or highlight areas of your image. Save the image to your computer.

Share or utilize your screenshot whenever it is needed. The image will be saved to your clipboard until you choose another or restart your computer.

Following these steps, you’ll be snapping professional-looking photos using you Asus laptop in just a few minutes. Please let me know if have any concerns!

Using the Snipping Tool

To take a screen shot using your Asus laptop with the Snipping Tool to take a screenshot, follow these steps:

Launch the Snipping Tool application to the Asus laptop. You can locate it by typing “Snipping Tool” in the search bar, or by finding the application on the”Start Menu.

When the Snipping Tool is in use, you’ll see a tiny window with the choices “New”, “Delay” and “Mode”. Choose “New” to take a new picture.

Select the next type of image you wish to capture. You can choose “Rectangular Snip” to capture the rectangular space, “Free-form Snip” for an irregular-shaped shape, “Window Snip” to take a full window as well as “Full-screen Snip” to capture the entirety of the screen.

Place your cursor over the area on the screen you wish to capture. Drag and click to select the location to capture your image. A transparent overlay will be displayed over the screen to highlight the chosen area. Release the touchpad or mouse to capture the image.

(Optional) (Optional) Use the highlighter, pen or eraser tool to add annotations or edits to your image. You can edit, crop, and flip your image, if required.

Once you’re happy with your image, click the Save or Copy buttons to save it to your desktop computer or clipboard. You can then copy and paste the screenshot into other documents or share it with other people.

If you follow these steps following these steps, you’ll have customized screenshots on the Asus laptop in just a few minutes. Please let me know if have any concerns!

Taking Screenshots of the Entire Screen or Select Areas

For taking screenshots with your Asus laptop there are a number of easy methods you can choose depending on the needs of your.

Taking a Full Screenshot

To take a picture that covers your whole screen hit your keyboard’s “PrtScrn” or “Print Screen” button on your keyboard. Your clipboard will receive the copied screenshot. It is then possible to insert it into a word processor or an image editing tool and copy it to a document.

Capturing a Selected Area

If you want to record a certain portion or area of the screen then use”Snipping Tool “Snipping Tool” app on your Asus laptop.

Launch and launch the “Snipping Tool” app. You can locate it through the search box in the taskbar.

Select “New” to start a new cut.

Select the area you would like to take a picture of. You can pick from rectangular snip, a free-form cut, window snip or a full-screen snip.

Select “Save as” to save the image snippet as a file or select “Copy” to copy it to a clipboard.

You can set a timer before the subdivision is performed. This is useful when dividing menus and other screen elements that disappear quickly.

Make sure to give the file an appropriate title and save the location when required. The default location is in the Pictures section of the My Pictures folder.

You can also edit, annotate or even share or share the snip straight in within the Snipping Window.

These simple steps can allow you to capture screen shots of the entire Asus laptop screen, or only certain areas. Please let me know if have any additional concerns!


Now that you’ve learned the various ways to capture screenshots on your Asus laptop, you have a useful tool to help document issues, share information, or create visual guides. Whether you need to capture the entire screen, a selected area, or an active window, your Asus laptop provides the functionality to meet your needs. With a few simple key presses, you’ll be creating screenshots to enhance communication, share knowledge, report bugs, or preserve important information. The next time you want to capture what’s on your screen, you know exactly how to take a professional-looking screenshot on your Asus laptop.

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